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Cartouche Reading Services in Gurgaon, Egyptian Cartouche Reading Centers, Courses, Classes in Gurgaon, Egyptian Cartouche Reader, Reading in Gurgaon. Cartouche is based on an Ancient Egyptian Knowledge. They gained this knowledge from the Energies of the Sirius Star System. These forces of Energies are represented by variousSymbols or Figures. Each Symbol is figured accurately and tuned to its own respective energy field, ray or vibration.

These energies are used by invoking the Energies they represent. The symbols, colors, and meanings of the Card accord both with design found on Egyptian Temples, Pyramids etc. Cartouche Cards can be used for Meditation, Divination, Healing, Talismanic purposes, Daily forecast, Personal problems, Marriage or Partnership, Fertility, for a New House, Job, Money, Travelling, for Crafts and Skills, Self Discovery, Spiritual Seeking and Protection. Cartouche Cards should not be confused with the Tarot Cards.

Egyptian Cartouche awakens the qualities inheritant in the Human Soul. The Initiation helps to re-establish the connection between Heart, Third Eye, Soul Star and Soul.Wise use of Cartouche will help to make personal progress at all levels ie., Spiritual, Psychological and Material. Cartouche must never be used for evil purposes, to harm others or to serve in vain. Cartouche is an instrument of the Light and has been designed to help people in a constructive way. Vibrations are passed on subconsciously to the Cards when one handles them. Cartouche will help to achieve a subtle balance. It helps in Spiritual Life, Personal needs, and Every day problem.

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