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Gold Reiki Services in Gurgaon, Gold Reiki in Gurgaon, Gold Reiki Classes, Courses, Centre in Gurgaon, Gold Reiki Healing Workshop in Gurgaon. This powerful Reiki Philosophy is based on Kundalini Reiki. Gold Reiki is helpful against fear, anxiety, and lower chakra issues. This technique has been developped by Ole Gabrielsen. From my point of view, this technique is a simple and intuitive way of practicing and teaching reiki, with no symbols, no prior exposure to energy work required, no esotheric believe or rituals, no restrictive rules.

Getting attuned to Kundalini reiki is quite an experience. I guess that most will feel the energy in a different way. For me, after reading a lot of articles about the dangerous rise of kundalini energy and possible blockages, kundalini symptoms, impossibility to get ride of the energy etc. did disturb me a lot. Finally I found a great reiki master, who has been attuned by Ole Gabrielsen in person. He did take my worries away and I decided to get attuned. The cleansing period lasted for me more than one month, recognisable by a difficulty of bending my back and feeling better in an upright position. After having digested the energy, I continued towards other attunements like purple reiki (Kundalini Reiki Booster), gold reiki, full Spectrum Light, all being also developped by Ole.

After this promotional bit for Ole and his techniques, I truly believe that these techniques work and could be a real start into the strange and unexplicable world of healing. All of us have the ability to heal others, we have to get access to the universal energy in order to use it and not give away our own healing energy all the time. Everybody experiences reiki in another way and reiki energy is differently processed in all of us, thus making us again unique and with different abilities to heal or give healing energy to others.

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