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Palmist in Gurgaon, Palmistry in Gurgaon, Famous Palmist in Gurgaon, Best, Top Palmist in Gurgaon, Best Palmist Astrologer in Gurgaon. A study of palm to cauterize or to predict the future is called as palmistry. This practice follows the interpretation of different lines on palm and their pattern to understand the underlining message regarding the character of the person. It follows the probable behavior traits and tendency and correlates it with the indication of patterns drawn by different lines on palm to predict probable future events that may occur in a person's life.

Palmistry Reading is an ancient modality and has been widely practiced in India and other parts of the world with different culture variations and adaptations. It is believed that the lines on a person's palm are never static and keeps on changing as per the times and relevant karma of the person. This is an indicative practice and is normally applied in combination of intuitions and indications to foretell the probable future occurrences. People practicing this stream are referred as a palm reader (Palmist Reader), hand reader, palmist in Gurgaon who is hand Reading analyst.

The interpretation and study follow different school of thoughts and beliefs, thus interpretation by two different palmists may be different or conflicting. It is believed that the root of palmistry lies in ancient Indian mystic practice which goes back to the text written by Indian sage Maharishi Valmiki which contained a detailed description of palm reading in Gurgaon.

Palmistry Reading primarily follows two or more than two indications for characterization or probable future telling. These are the mounds or bumps and the lines which are considered as a life line, heart line etc. Length of these lines, their intersection, darkness, streams etc are considered for drawing out the conclusion. In addition to these lines the size of mounds, their location, height etc are also considered. Some school of practice also study fingers, nails, fingerprint patterns, skin texture, color, and shape of palm etc to further evaluate and conclude.

Mostly this study is done by the dominant hand which in the case of males is right and left in case of females. Association of four basic elements is also done as per the shape and size of a palm. This is done to determine the dominant element in person's life and gives an indication of the basic character and behavior pattern of the person. This study, though still considered to be pseudoscience has evolved over the ages and different school of thoughts is in practice today which applies multiple indicative assumptions to determine the probable character and future of the person.

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