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Psychic Healing Services in Gurgaon, Psychic Healing in Gurgaon, Psychic Healing Centers in Gurgaon, Psychic Healing Courses, Classes in Gurgaon. Over the years, I've encountered many people that have questions about how astrology relates to psychic ability. As a psychic, many of my clients have even come prepared, ready to give me their birth date at the beginning of a session. If you have an interest in psychics, psychic ability or astrology, it's good to understand how these two areas of metaphysics relate and what their key differences are.

Let's start off with psychic ability. Most of the time, this has to do with gaining access to information using only spiritual-based methods. For example, when I see a client in-person or conduct a psychic reading on the phone for a client a thousand miles away, my training and experience enables me to focus in on and sense details about the life of this client. This all occurs without me knowing anything about the client.

It's a spiritual experience. The information I psychically attain has nothing to do with anyone's body language, tone of voice, or any previous knowledge. Initially, I know absolutely nothing about most of the clients I work with. The information a good psychic gathers can help you make decisions in your life, see the probable future outcome of a situation, and help you to understand what steps to take when dealing with a challenging situation.

Astrology on the other hand is a complex analytical system that has to do with dates, times, and alignment of the planets within our solar system. Even with a background in metaphysics and spiritual growth, the whole concept of astrology seems a little puzzling to me sometimes. But I don't doubt its power - It's the oldest science known to mankind and 75% of the Fortune 500 companies use astrology when making major business decisions. If there wasn't something to astrology, neither of these facts would be true.

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