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Seichem Healing Services in Gurgaon, Seichem Healing in Gurgaon, Seichem Healing Centers in Gurgaon, Seichem Healing Courses, Classes in Gurgaon. In this time of accelerated Spiritual growth it is time to share all the ancient knowledge, Seichem is one of the great gifts that has been brought to our Planet. Throughout its history people have attempted to control this energy. Now as 2012 approaches the controls are being melted away and freedom in our choices is growing at an exponential rate. This website is created to be a hub to share and express our knowledge of Sekhem and open the doors so it can no longer be controlled but shared by humanity.

You may post info about your Seichem Healing Courses here. Learn from others about Seichem Healing and Seichem Symbols. Feel free to Post the Seichem Healing Symbols here on our Photo Gallery. All Seichem Lineages are Welcome. It is time for all the Lineages to come together as one. This is when the true Heart of Seichem Healing Energy will be revealed and experienced.

Seichem Healing Energy is a HIgh Vibrational Energy That connects Heaven to the Earth,so it is also a very Grounded Energy. Seichim Healing Energy is the way of healing with the heart. Many of the rituals and techniques that were used in the past that caused separation are no longer relevant now.

Seichem HEALING ENERGY the initiations flow without any set rituals,
All we need is love. Where there is Love, All is possible, without Love we feel our separation from Source. Our Spiritual Heart is at the core of our being and where the soul connects to our Emotional and Physical bodies.

SEICHEM HEALING ENERGY is the experience of the One Heart
that connects us to the 'All' of creation. It is through the Divine Quickening of SEICHEM that we come to Love all the aspects of who we are and come into a state of re-union, not just with ourselves, but also with all of creation.

Our All-Love Community Seichim Sekhem Healing Community creates a space for Healing, Learning, Sharing and Opening of the Heart, which allows us to experienc all of who we are and what we are capable of becoming. Our vision is to bring together all forms of Light Works to work together in Unity to Awaken to Heaven on Earth. Each of us has a Divine Gift that we bring to this planet. It is through our community that these gifts may be shared with the world. It is now possible to have instant communication with the world. Our single voice can merge with others of like mind and heart to come and play heal and transform the world, the universe and ourselves.

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